Workflow Mailer Troubleshooting

Check workflow mailer service current status
  sqlplus apps/<apps password>
  select running_processes
    from apps.fnd_concurrent_queues
   where concurrent_queue_name = 'WFMLRSVC';

  Number of running processes should be greater than 0

 Find current mailer status
  sqlplus apps/<apps password>
  select component_status
    from apps.fnd_svc_components
   where component_id =
        (select component_id
           from apps.fnd_svc_components
          where component_name = 'Workflow Notification Mailer');

  Possible values:

 Stop notification mailer
  sqlplus apps/<apps password>
       p_retcode number;
       p_errbuf varchar2(100);
       m_mailerid fnd_svc_components.component_id%TYPE;
       -- Find mailer Id
       select component_id
         into m_mailerid
         from fnd_svc_components
        where component_name = 'Workflow Notification Mailer';
       -- Stop Mailer
       fnd_svc_component.stop_component(m_mailerid, p_retcode, p_errbuf);

Start notification mailer
  sqlplus apps/<apps password>
       p_retcode number;
       p_errbuf varchar2(100);
       m_mailerid fnd_svc_components.component_id%TYPE;
       -- Find mailer Id
       select component_id
         into m_mailerid
         from fnd_svc_components
        where component_name = 'Workflow Notification Mailer';
       -- Start Mailer
       fnd_svc_component.start_component(m_mailerid, p_retcode, p_errbuf);

A workflow notification send event (notification email) can fail at several different points, so monitoring it using one method usually is not going to give you a complete picture.Additionally, you have to keep in mind that the process is dynamic, meaning that as transactions are created into the queues they are also mailed out; so a
count of data is at best only a snapshot of a particular moment in time.

  Here is a more robust script for monitoring the wf_notifications table:
select message_type, mail_status, count(*) from wf_notifications
where status = 'OPEN'
messages in 'FAILED' status can be resent using the concurrent request 'resend failed workflow notificaitons'
messages which are OPEN but where mail_status is null have a missing email address for the recipient, but the notification preference is 'send me mail'

 Some messages like alerts don't get a record in wf_notifications table so you have to watch the WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT queue.

select corr_id, retry_count, msg_state, count(*)
group by corr_id, msg_state, retry_count
order by count(*) desc;
Messages with a high retry count have been cycling through the queue and are not passed to smtp service.Messages which are 'expired' can be rebuilt using the wfntfqup.sql

The following SQL to collect all the info except IMAP account password.

select p.parameter_id,
v.parameter_value value
from fnd_svc_comp_param_vals_v v,
fnd_svc_comp_params_b p,
fnd_svc_components c
where c.component_type = ‘WF_MAILER’
and v.component_id = c.component_id
and v.parameter_id = p.parameter_id
and p.parameter_name in (‘OUTBOUND_SERVER’, ‘INBOUND_SERVER’,

How to Enable the Workflow Logging:

From Self Service > Select “Workflow Manager” under “Oracle Applications Manager” > Click “Notification Mailers” > Service Components (Service Components: <SID>) >
b. Click “Workflow Mailer Service” under “Container” Column.
e. From “Service Instances for Generic Service Component Container:<SID>”page, click “Pull Down” button from the Start All/ Stop All.
f . Select Stop All > Go.
g. We conformed that for the Services to read Actual 0 Target 0 and Deactivated.
h. Restart the mailer services using the “Start All” button.
I. We run the following SQL to make sure service are stopped. 

SELECT component_name, component_status, component_status_info
FROM fnd_svc_components_v
WHERE component_name like ‘Workflow%’;

Enable the Statement logging in Workflow Mailer.
Log files are created  $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG/FNDCPGSC*.txt i.e. the log file for the Active process for Workflow Mailer Service and Agent Listener services. 
To retrieve the last 2 log files for Workflow Mailer and Agent Listener services, run the following command:

How does workflow Notification Mailer IMAP (Inbound Processing) Works:
This is the inbound flow:

1. Approver sends email response which is directed to the value defined in Replyto address.
a. This address has been setup by the customer’s mail administrator to route incoming mail to the IMAP Inbox folder.
2. The Workflow Inbound Agent Listener picks up the message. Only messages which are in ‘unread’ state are evaluated; the rest of the messages in the inbox are ignored.

3. The message is scanned to see if it matches entries in the TAG file . Mail tags are defined in the OAM mailer configuration pages and these list strings of text and actions to take if those strings are encountered. An example of this are ‘Out of Office’ replies. If the string of the message matches a mail tag and the action is ‘Ignore’ then nothing else will happen.

4. The message is then scanned for the presence of a Notification Id (NID). This NID is matched against valid NID for the mailer node.

5. If valid NID is not detected, (and there is no matching TAG file entry) then the message is placed into the DISCARD folder.

6. If a valid NID is detected the listener raises a subscription to the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN queue and places the mail message in the Processed folder.

7. From this point on the message is handled by the product workflow (like PO APPROVAL) . An event created by that group will monitor the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN queue and will trigger the rest of the approval workflow.

Here are steps/events for Oracle Workflow Notification Outbound Processing(eMail from Oracle Applications Workflow to Users)

1.When workflow Engine determines that a notification message must be sent, it raises an event in BES (Business Event System)
Event is raised with Notification ID (NID) as event key

2. There is seeded subscription to this Event

3. Event is placed on WF_DEFERRED agent

4.Event is dequeued from WF_DEFERRED and subscription is processed

5. Subscription places event message to WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT agent.

6.Notification Mailer dequeues message from WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT agent and
6.1convert XML representation of notification into MIME encoded message (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) and
6.2 Send message by SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to intended user (IfTest Address/Override Address is set then email is sent to Test Address

E-Mail Notification is sent if all below conditions are truea) Notification status is OPEN or CANCELED   and
b) Notification mail_status is MAIL or INVALID  and
c) Recipient Role has a valid e-mail address and Notification Preference is in the format MAIL%
d) Workflow Deferred Agent Listener is running
e) Workflow Notification Mailer is running

To check a) & b) run below query
SELECT status, mail_status  FROM wf_notifications WHERE notification_id = ‘&NID’;

mail_status >> SENT means mail has gone out of mailer to user

To check c) run below query
SELECT email_address, nvl(WF_PREF.get_pref(name, ‘MAILTYPE’),notification_preference)
FROM wf_roles
WHERE name = upper(‘&recipient_role’);

To check d) & e) Use OAM (Oracle Application Manager)

How to purge e-mail notifications from the Workflow queue

Sometimes Due to large number of e-mail notifications to accumulated in the queue Workflow mailer will not start,To fix this issue we need purge the notifications from the Workflow queue.

The below outlines the steps, Please take proper backup before performing the below.

1) You need to update the notifications you do not want sent, in the WF_NOTIFICATIONS table.

2) Check the WF_NOTIFICATIONS table as below. Records where status = ‘OPEN’ and mail_status = ‘MAIL’ are notifications that will have an e-mail notification sent.

SQL> select notification_id,status,mail_status,begin_date from WF_NOTIFICATIONS where status = ‘OPEN’ and mail_status = ‘MAIL’;

3) This should show you which notifications are waiting to be e-mailed.

4) To update a notification so that it will not get e-mailed. Set the MAIL_STATUS = ‘SENT’. The mailer will think the e-mail has already been sent and it will not send it again.

SQL> update WF_NOTIFICATIONS set mail_status = ‘SENT’ where mail_status = ‘MAIL’;

-> This will update all notifications waiting to be sent by the mailer.

5) Then run the script wfntfqup.sql to purge the WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT queue and rebuild it with data currently in the WF_NOTIFICATIONS table. This is what purges all notifications waiting in the queue to be sent.Only the ones where mail_status = ‘MAIL’ and status = ‘OPEN’ will be placed in the WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT queue and sent by the mailer.

SQL>sqlplus apps/apps_pwd @$FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/wfntfqup APPS APPS_PWD APPLSYS

6) Now you can start your WF Containers and then Mailer

Workflow Mailer Debugging Script for Debugging Emails issues
This article contains various Workflow and Business Event debugging scripts.

--Checking workflow Components status whether are they running or stopped.
select component_type, component_name, Component_status,COMPONENT_STATUS_INFO Error
from fnd_svc_components
where component_type like 'WF%'
order by 1 desc,2,3;

Query to get the log file of active workflow mailer and workflow agent listener Container--Note All Workflow Agent Components logs will stored in single file i.e. container log file.
select fl.meaning,fcp.process_status_code, decode(fcq.concurrent_queue_name,'WFMLRSVC', 'mailer container',
'WFALSNRSVC','listener container',fcq.concurrent_queue_name),
fcp.concurrent_process_id,os_process_id, fcp.logfile_name
from fnd_concurrent_queues fcq, fnd_concurrent_processes fcp , fnd_lookups fl
where fcq.concurrent_queue_id=fcp.concurrent_queue_id and fcp.process_status_code='A'
and fl.lookup_type='CP_PROCESS_STATUS_CODE' and fl.lookup_code=fcp.process_status_code
and concurrent_queue_name in('WFMLRSVC','WFALSNRSVC')
order by fcp.logfile_name;

Linux Shell script Command to get outbound error in Mailergrep -i '^\[[A-Za-z].*\(in\|out\).*boundThreadGroup.*\(UNEXPECTED\|ERROR\).*exception.*' <logfilename> | tail -10 ;
--Note: All Mailer log files starts with name FNDCPGSC prefix

Linux Shell script Command to get inbound processing error in Mailer grep -i '^\[[A-Za-z].*.*inboundThreadGroup.*\(UNEXPECTED\|ERROR\).*exception.*' <logfilename> | tail -10 ;

Query to Check Workflow Mailer Backlog --State=Ready implies that emails are not being sent & Waiting mailer to send emails

select tab.msg_state, count(*) from$wf_notification_out tab group by tab.msg_state ;

Check any particular Alert Message email has be pending by Mailer
select decode(wno.state,
0, '0 = Pending in mailer queue',
1, '1 = Pending in mailer queue',
2, '2 = Sent by mailer on '||to_char(DEQ_TIME),
3, '3 = Exception', 4,'4 = Wait', to_char(state)) State,
from wf_notification_out wno
where corrid='APPS:ALR'
and upper(wno.user_data.TEXT_VC) like '%<Subject of Alert Email>%';

Check The Workflow notification has been sent or not

select mail_status, status from wf_notifications where notification_id=<notification_id>
--If mail_status is MAIL , it means the email delivery is pending for workflow mailer to send the notification
--If mail_status is SENT, its means mailer has sent email
--If mail_status is Null & status is OPEN, its means that no need to send email as notification preference of user is "Don't send email"
--Notification preference of user can be set by user by logging in application + click on preference + the notification preference

Check Whether workflow background Engine is working for given workflow or not in last 2 days -- Note: Workflow Deferred activities are run by workflow background engine.
select a.argument1,a.phase_code, a.status_code ,a.actual_start_date,a.* from fnd_concurrent_requests a
(select concurrent_program_id from fnd_concurrent_programs where
and last_update_Date>sysdate-2 and argument1='<Workflow Item Type>'
order by last_update_date desc

 Check whether any business event is pending to process 
i.e. Query to get event status & parameters value of particular event in wf_deferred table.
select wd.user_Data.event_name,wd.user_Data.event_key,
rank() over ( partition by wd.user_Data.event_name, wd.user_Data.event_key order by as serial_no,
n.NAME Parameter_name, N.value Parameter_value ,
decode(state, 0, '0 = Ready', 1, '1 = Delayed', 2, '2 = Retained',
3, '3 = Exception', 4,'4 = Wait', to_char(state)) state,
from WF_DEFERRED wd , TABLE(wd.user_Data.PARAMETER_LIST) n
where lower(wd.user_data.event_name)='<event Name >'
order by wd.user_Data.event_name, wd.user_Data.event_key,

When the workflow mailer is either disabled or the mail server restricts its access to the workflow mailer, all the workflow notifications will retry and upto the limit set at the workflow mailer configuration and later all the notifications will be failed. This will result in 2 things at Application level


ii) After a series of failure notifications the Notification Style for the respected User will be set as Disabled and a corresponding user details are sent to SYSADMIN.

A similar issue araised in one of the client and the many of the users notification style has been set to Disabled.


To overcome the above issue, initially fix the workflow mailer issue and later need to change the Notification Preference at Workflow Administrator to "HTML with Attachments" (or any other as per the client's requirement).

But sometime this setting won't be affected to all the users whose Preference is set to Disabled. To overcome this situation:

i) Backup the following tables:


ii) To set the mail preference for all the users execute the following:

update wf_local_roles
set notification_preference='<wished_preference>'
where orig_system in ('FND_USR','PER');

update fnd_user_preferences
set preference_value='<wished_preference>'
where preference_name='MAILTYPE'
and module_name='WF'
and user_name <> '-WF_DEFAULT-'; 

iii) To update the mail preference of the users only whose preference is set to "FAILED", execute the below steps:

 update wf_local_roles
set notification_preference='<wished_preference>'
where orig_system in ('FND_USR','PER')
and name in
(select user_name
from fnd_user_preferences
where preference_name='MAILTYPE'
and module_name='WF'
and preference_value='DISABLED');

update fnd_user_preferences
set preference_value='<wished_preference>'
where preference_name='MAILTYPE'
and module_name='WF'
and preference_value='DISABLED';

Possible values for <wished_preference> are:
QUERY (corresponds to preference value "Do not send me mail")
MAILTEXT (corresponds to preference value "Plain text mail")
MAILATTH (corresponds to preference value "Plain text mail with HTML attachments")
MAILHTML (corresponds to preference value "HTML mail with attachments")
MAILHTM2 (corresponds to preference value "HTML mail")
SUMMARY (corresponds to preference value "Plain text summary mail")
SUMHTML (corresponds to preference value "HTML summary mail")
DISABLED (corresponds to preference value "Disabled")

iii) To Resend all the failed notifications again to the respected users run the following concurrent program as SYSADMIN, with the relevant parameters.
Retry Errored Workflow Activities 


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