MWA Services in Oracle Apps

Login as applmgr user :

Stop Mobile Application Services :

./ -login apps/apps_password stop_force
./ stop apps/apps_password

Start Mobile Application Services :

./ -login apps/apps_password start
./ start apps/apps_password

Check Mobile Services are up and Runing:

ps -ef | grep mwa

Find port Number of Mobile Services :

grep mwa $CONTEXT_FILE

Connect to Mobile Services :
telnet hostname.domainname portnumber(mobile application service port_number)
Hot to configure Mobile applications on EBS – 11i
1. Stop the current servers.
a. $ cd $MWA_TOP/bin
b. $ nohup -login SYSADMIN/sysadmin1 stop 10260
    $ netstat -na  | grep 10260
c. $ ./ stop_dispatcher
2. Verify that MWA servers are stopped.
a. $ ps -ef | grep mwa
b. No processes should be found.
3. Locate the mwa.cfg file in the $MWA_TOP/secure directory.
4. Edit the mwa.cfg file and configure following parameters
a. Set mwa.DbcFolder=full directory of folder containing the .dbc file ending with “/”:
b. Set mwa.DbcFile=dbc file name with extension:
c. Set mwa.logdir=full directory of log file without the trailing “/”:
d. Set mwa.LogLevel=error or trace:
e. Set mwa.TelnetPortNumber=port number
f. Set mwa.DropConnectionTimeout= no. of minutes:
g. Set mwa.StaleSessionTimeout= no. of minutes:
h. Specify the port number and machine for running the dispatcher:
i. Specify the server manager telnet server information;10262
5. Start the MWA telnet servers
a. $ cd $MWA_TOP/bin
b. $ nohup ./ start 10260 &
6. Start the dispatcher
a. $ nohup ./ start_dispatcher &

how to check it is working or not:
Start  à  Run à cmd à telnet hostame:portnumber  ß press enter  , it will show 4 options select , appropriate option & give username & password.



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