Web services,WSDL,SOAP

Web Service :
  • Web services are application components
  • Web services communicate using open protocols
  • Web services are self-contained and self-describing
  • Web services can be discovered using UDDI
  • Web services can be used by other applications
  • HTTP and XML is the basis for Web services

Web service Life Cycle :

A web service has the below six life-cycle events:

1. Service Provider creates the web service and deploys it.
2. Then service provider, publishes the information about a web service in a service registry.
3. Service consumer search a service registry for available services.
4. Service consumer retrieves the information about the service.
5. Service consumer creates a web service client.
6. Web service client invokes the web service at the location specified in the service description.

NOTE:- Its not mandatory to publish the web service information in a service registry, if the service provider knows the entire list of service consumers. They can directly provide the WSDL URL / file to service consumers.

WSDL :  Web Services Description Language

  • WSDL is written in XML
  • WSDL is an XML document
  • WSDL is used to describe Web services
  • WSDL is also used to locate Web services
  • WSDL is a W3C recommendation

SOAP :  Simple Object Access Protocol

  • SOAP is a communication protocol
  • SOAP is for communication between applications
  • SOAP is a format for sending messages
  • SOAP communicates via Internet
  • SOAP is platform independent
  • SOAP is language independent
  • SOAP is based on XML
  • SOAP is simple and extensible
  • SOAP allows you to get around firewalls
  • SOAP is a W3C recommendation

Timeout settings in SOA 11g

To increase the timeout in BPEL component, we need to remember following rule,
syncMaxWaitTime < BPEL EJB's transaction timeout < Global Transaction Timeout
1.How to set Global Transaction Timeout.
Go to weblogic console –> domain –>JTA tab.

2.How to set BPEL EJB's transaction timeout
Go to weblogic console—>deployment—>soa-infra—>ejb
Change the timeout of all bpel related ejb configuration,

3.How to set syncMaxWaitTime
Go to bpel properties from em console,

Go to more bpel configuration and in mbean increase the timeout value,