Uninstalling Cloudera Manager

1. Stop the services

2. Deactivate and remove the parcels.
                    Click on parcel ->select the parcel ->Deactivate ->Action->Delete

3.Delete the cluster
             Home Page ->select the cluster -> Delete

4.Login to CM host and run the below command
                     sudo /usr/share/cmf/uninstall-cloudera-manager.sh

5. Uninstall Cloudera Manager Agent and Managed Software

                 a. Stop cloudera manger agent on all agent hosts
                             service cloudera-scm-agent stop
                  b. Uninstall the software

                              sudo yum remove 'cloudera-manager-*'

                              yum clean all

6. Kill Cloudera Manager and Managed Processes

for u in cloudera-scm flume hadoop hdfs hbase hive httpfs hue impala llama mapred oozie solr spark sqoop sqoop2 yarn zookeeper; do sudo kill $(ps -u $u -o pid=); done

7. Remove Cloudera Manager Data

           sudo umount cm_processes
           sudo rm -Rf /usr/share/cmf /var/lib/cloudera* /var/cache/yum/cloudera* /var/log/cloudera*                   /var/run/cloudera*

8.Remove the Cloudera Manager Lock File

            sudo rm /tmp/.scm_prepare_node.lock

9.Remove User Data

            sudo rm -Rf /var/lib/flume-ng /var/lib/hadoop* /var/lib/hue /var/lib/navigator /var/lib/oozie                 /var/lib/solr /var/lib/sqoop* /var/lib/zookeeper

            sudo rm -rf /dfs /yarn     -->  mention the locations of your data / yarn dir

10. Reboot the machines


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