Amazon interview questions for cloud support engineer

Interview process :

2/3 Telephonic rounds ( 45 min to 1 hr each )  and 5 back to back rounds with 5 managers ( 5 hrs ).

Ist round :

1. About the role ?
2. Linux boot process ?
3. what is GRUB ?
4. what is iptables ?
5. what is default gateway and where we can configure the same ?
6. what are all the parmeters are there in ifcfg-eth0 file ?
7. Difference between TCP and UDP ?
8. How you will check the free space ?
9. what is HDFS ?
10.file write process in haddop?
11.file read process in hadoop? to run a job in hadoop ?
13.what is loopback address ? and what is 0.0.0 in it ?
14.what is subnet masking?
15.Asked about some port no like port 22 / 25 / 53 / 80 / 110 /3306
16.what is DNS ?
17.what is DHCP how it works ?
18.what is the diffrence between NTFS / Fat32 ?
19.what is RODC ?


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  2. What about final Interview and questions?


  3. This post is really nice and informative. The explanation given is really comprehensive and informative..

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  4. Thank you for your post.. was so helpful!
    I did the interview for cloud engineering, didn't have questions about hadoop. But asked me about the boot process, kernel, inodes, chmod, chown.


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