Oracle Weblogic Server Important Files Name, Locations and their Purpose

PATH For Admin Server
Important Files Present
Contains all the shell script files which is being used to start/stop and contains configuration for Admin and Managed servers.
Contains configuration files all important components e.g.  Domain configurtaion, JMS, JDBC etc
jdbc config files
jms config files
fmwconfig files etc
This directory mainly contains all the OSB artifats e.g. Proxy Services, business Services, XSD, Xquery etc, whatever we do from OSB console, most of stuff get store here only.
All the OSB artifacts
This folder contains files having reference to OSB proxy and business services which are tagged with JMS as consumer. This directory helps during cleanup process of OSB deployment. There could be multiple OSB services get tagged with queue which could cause issues, this directory contents will help to clean that.
.str files for JMS MDB artifacts
This folder contains MDBs for JMS queues, which could be used for any OSB Proxy service or JAVA application. 
ear files e.g. _ALSB_1341965872872.ear
This folder contains the .jar files which Proxy services are using via JAVA Callout action.
jar files  e.g. tempCreateProcess8557633063030887848.jar
Contains all diagnostic related data, if you have configured the Weblogic Diagnostic Framework e.g. In the event of server crash a report get generated etc, in this case a thread dumps file will generated here, also contains JMS, Datasource stats etc, good for investigation purpose.
jvm_threads.txt, dms_metrics.txt
This directory contains the persistent file store for weblogic servers which is used for normal functionality and diagnostic functionality. Weblogic has 7 internal components e.g. JMS Messages, JTA logs, EJB Timer services, Diagnostic services etc. which uses these persistent file store.
Contains LDAP related files, contains security realm details etc.  If you delete this folder, you will lose all security realm users details exist in Weblogic Admin console.
changelog.index etc
Store the Admin console preference.
This file contains encrypted weblogic username and password, used while starting the server.
This folder contains all the artifacts which is been deployed in servers, alternatively can be seen from "deployment" section from Weblogic Admin Server console, included JMS MDB artifacts as well.
All the Library like this etc
ALSB Logging
ALSB Publish
File Transport Provider components etc
This is stagging directory, during server startup process, JMS MDB, J2EE, War application get copied from Admin server to Managed server at this stage directory and then Managed server refer to local stage directory for deployment and things moved from Stage to 'tmp' directory. Note: for admin server you will not see this directory.
_ALSB_1352464196062 etc
Contains all the logs files for troubleshooting purpose.
ManagedServer.out files
Contains Management Service logs and trace file for troubleshooting purpose.
Contains all the cached information weblogic uses directory to store cache for various components e.g. web tire related cache, JMS cache, data sources, EJB cache etc.
.class files


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