How To Change Look And Feel and Colors Of Oracle Applications 11i and R12

There are two system profile options that can be used to change look and feel. 
  1. Java Look and Feel.
    Java Look and Feel can have two values: GENERIC or ORACLE.
    If set to GENERIC, then set Java Color Scheme to blank.
    Which will leave look and feel to generic.
    The Generic look and feel adheres to the native interface and color scheme of the current operating system.
    If set to ORACLE (or if the value is left blank), then the profile option 'Java Color Scheme' can be used to personalize the colors of your screen.
  2. Java Color Scheme.
    If 'Java Look and Feel' is set to ORACLE (or if the value is left blank), then 'Java Color Scheme' can be set to the following values:
    • Blaf        (in R12: Swan)
    • Blue
    • Khaki
    • Olive
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Teal
    • Titanium

Do the following: 
  1. Login to Oracle Applications as the System Administator responsibility.
  2. Navigate to Profile > System.
  3. Ensure that the Site display is checked.
  4. Query up 'Java Color Scheme' for the profile.
  5. Select the appropriate color under the Site column.
  6. Save the selection.
  7. Sign off and back on (or change responsibility) for your new color scheme to take effect.

Be aware that the 'Java Color Scheme' profile has no effect if 'Java Look and Feel' is set to GENERIC.


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